Thursday, January 09, 2003

Hi, good afternoon.
Today, i wanna write you something about Relationship betwen Airline Company and Travell Agency.
Well, there are many reports,studies, that show´s 80% of all sales of one Airline Company comes from a Travell Agency.
Off course, because the Travell Agency can negociate with hotels, rent a car, and they have a massive market in televisions, newspaper, internet.
So, the airline company makes everyday some reports too, looking in all flights, how many passengers are travelling, how many were apsent, and they look until 5 years ago.
So, tomorow United Airlines have a flight, and the ocupation is nearby 60%, and a ticket cost U$$ 1000.00, if one travell agency contact the sales office, offering 20 passengers, there will be good chances of each ticket cost U$$ 800.00.
It´s better sell 20 Tickets each one U$$ 800.00 then the airline company don´t sell nothing more.
Think about it.

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Hi everebody.
Yesterday, i was thinking about how the Travell Agency's are getting trouble with canceled flights, overbooking, some things that no passenger try to understaing.
Well, This practice is normal, because all airline company's need to sell more seats than the avaliable. If they don´t make it, there are good chances of the flight departure with empty seats.
So, all airline company make's a study, when they try to find the medium of passengers in the same flight 5 yeas ago until now.
So, they can make a previous statistic, when they would know how many seats must be avaliable for sell all thouse.
But, if you buy your ticket, go to the airport, and there is no seat for you, you might getting brave.!!!!
And think about how many passenger diarly have being in this situation.
The travell agency must have a Policy, when they need to instruct all passenger to check in 2 hours before the flight departure.
And you will never being in trouble.
Remember, make sure that your reservation is reconfirmed, and you know the policy.
That´s all

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Good Afternoon.
Well, sometimes in tourism, we must looking foward.
It´s necessary study hard, learning about diferents kind of tourism, and try to be an expert.
Many travell agencys are frequently looking for professionals in airline companys.
Because they know a lot about airports, citys, like i said yestarday.
And when you enter in a travell agency, you are starting to see a new and important area of tourism.
You will learn about hotels reservations, cars, shows, and you will be ready for all process in a family travell, or a bussines travell
That's sounds nice!!!!!
Try to see some websites of travell's agency.
That´s all

Monday, January 06, 2003

Hi, good morning for everyone.
Starting today, this site will show you some tips for choose your preferer job, and always as we can, we will give to you some e-mails or websites relationed.

Let's start with the Airline Company.
When you're in travell,there are a complexy structure for make things happen.
Starts at the reservation center.
Many employes are training everyday for understaing the language, codes, and informations in all fases of a travell.
Flight numbers, airports, citys, there are a lot of information, that the client doesn't need to know, but the employe, must be an expert. The customer will be happy if you just make all his or her wish come true.
And the most important thing : You must practice other languages, like Spanish, English.
Well, the airlines companys are famous for given to all employes great discounts in tickets, for all members of family, and many agreements with hotels to.

Well, please visit some sites, that offer job oportunites, and start to think about work with airlines Company's.

Thank You